New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1e-48.23a - Violations, Revocation Of Generator's Registration; Application For Reissuance.

13:1E-48.23a Violations, revocation of generator's registration; application for reissuance.

4.If, after a hearing, the Commissioner of Environmental Protection and Commissioner of Health and Senior Services determine that a generator is in violation of P.L.1989, c.34 (C.13:1E-48.1 et al.), or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant thereto, and the violation relates to the willful illegal or improper disposal of regulated medical waste, the Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Health and Senior Services, in addition to any other applicable penalties, may suspend or revoke the generator's registration issued by the departments for the generator to operate in the State. After completion of the term of suspension, a generator may, after a hearing, reapply to the department to have their registration reissued.

a.If a violation involving the illegal or improper disposal of regulated medical waste in New Jersey is committed by a generator that is registered and authorized in another state, the Attorney General of New Jersey shall notify the Attorney General or other equivalent authority of that state within 30 days.

b.If information concerning a generator who is registered in this State and found in violation of another state's medical waste disposal laws is received by the Attorney General or another State governmental entity, the Attorney General or other State governmental entity shall forward the information to the departments. Within 60 days, the departments shall determine if the information is sufficient to hold a hearing and consider the suspension or revocation of any registration or other authorization to operate, pursuant to this section.

L.2012, c.65, s.4.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016