New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1k-9.3 - Remediation Of Industrial Establishment By Municipality, Debt Of Immediate Past Owner Or Operator

13:1K-9.3. Remediation of industrial establishment by municipality, debt of immediate past owner or operator
3. If a municipality undertakes a remediation of an industrial establishment, the title to which the municipality acquired pursuant to a foreclosure action pertaining to a certificate of tax sale, all expenditures incurred in the remediation shall be a debt of the immediate past owner or operator of the industrial establishment. The debt shall constitute a lien on all property owned by the immediate past owner or operator when a notice of lien, incorporating a description of the property subject to the remediation and an identification of the amount of remediation and related costs expended by the municipality is duly filed with the clerk of the Superior Court. The clerk shall promptly enter upon the civil judgment or order docket the name and address of the immediate past owner or operator and the amount of the lien as set forth in the notice of lien. Upon entry by the clerk, the lien shall attach to the revenues and all real and personal property of the immediate past owner or operator, whether or not he is insolvent. The notice of lien filed pursuant to this section which affects any property of an immediate past owner or operator shall have priority from the day of the filing of the notice of the lien, but shall not affect any valid lien, right, or interest in the property filed in accordance with established procedure prior to the filing of a notice of lien pursuant to this section.

L.1991,c.238,s.3; amended 1993,c.139,s.6.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016