New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1l-3 - Definitions.

13:1L-3 Definitions.

3.For the purposes of this act:

"All-terrain vehicle" means the same as the term is defined pursuant to section 1 of P.L.1973, c.307 (C.39:3C-1).

"Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Environmental Protection.

"Department" means the Department of Environmental Protection.

"Dirt bike" means any two-wheeled motorcycle that is designed and manufactured for off-road use only and that does not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or United States Environmental Protection Agency on-road emissions standards.

"Forest resources" means those renewable products and reusable resources of all forest lands in the State, including but not limited to trees, timber, shrubs, and other vegetation, and the value of forest lands relating to recreation, wilderness appreciation, aesthetic appeal, and soil fertility.

"Green Acres program" means the program for the purchase of land for recreation and conservation purposes pursuant to P.L.1961, c.45 (C.13:8A-1 et seq.), P.L.1971, c.419 (C.13:8A-19 et seq.), P.L.1975, c.155 (C.13:8A-35 et seq.), any Green Acres bond act, and P.L.1999, c.152 (C.13:8C-1 et seq.).

"Recreational activities" includes, but is not limited to, fresh and salt water swimming, water skiing, boating and fishing, ice skating, snow skiing, camping, trail hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, bicycling, court and field games, track and field events, birdwatching, playground activities, and golf.

"Snowmobile" means the same as the term is defined pursuant to section 1 of P.L.1973, c.307 (C.39:3C-1).

"State parks and forests" means all State owned or leased lands, waters and facilities administered by the Department of Environmental Protection, including, but not limited to, parks, forests, recreational areas, marinas, historic sites, burial sites, and natural areas, but not including wildlife management areas or reservoir lands.

L.1983, c.324, s.3; amended 2009, c.275, s.35.

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