New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:9a-4 - Regulated Activity; Necessity Of Permit To Conduct; Application; Notice; Determination Of Issuance

13:9A-4. Regulated activity; necessity of permit to conduct; application; notice; determination of issuance
a. For purposes of this section "regulated activity" includes but is not limited to draining, dredging, excavation or removal of soil, mud, sand, gravel, aggregate of any kind or depositing or dumping therein any rubbish or similar material or discharging therein liquid wastes, either directly or otherwise, and the erection of structures, drivings of pilings, or placing of obstructions, whether or not changing the tidal ebb and flow. "Regulated activity" shall not include continuance of commercial production of salt hay or other agricultural crops or activities conducted under section 7 of this act.

b. No regulated activity shall be conducted upon any wetland without a permit.

c. Any person proposing to conduct or cause to be conducted a regulated activity upon any wetland shall file an application for a permit with the commissioner, in such form and with such information as the commissioner may prescribe and shall provide notice to each electric or gas public utility in the State and to each owner of all real property as shown on the current tax duplicate, located in the State and within 200 feet in all directions of the property which is the subject of such application in the manner prescribed by section 7.1 of P.L.1975, c. 291 (C. 40:55D-12). Such application shall include a detailed description of the proposed work and a map showing the area of wetland directly affected, with the location of the proposed work thereon, together with the names of the owners of record of adjacent land and known claimants of rights in or adjacent to the wetlands of whom the applicant has notice. All applications, with any maps and documents relating thereto, shall be open for inspection at the office of the Department of Environmental Protection.

d. In granting, denying or limiting any permit the commissioner shall consider the effect of the proposed work with reference to the public health and welfare, marine fisheries, shell fisheries, wildlife, the protection of life and property from flood, hurricane and other natural disasters, and the public policy set forth in section 1a. of this act.

L.1970, c. 272, s. 4, eff. Nov. 5, 1970. Amended by L.1983, c. 133, s. 1, eff. April 13, 1983.

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