New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:9b-15 - Powers Of Wetlands Mitigation Council

13:9B-15. Powers of Wetlands Mitigation Council
15. a. The Wetlands Mitigation Council shall be responsible for disbursements of funds from the bank to finance mitigation projects. The council shall have the power to purchase land to provide areas for the enhancement or restoration of degraded freshwater wetlands, to engage in the enhancement or restoration of degraded freshwater wetlands on any public lands, including public lands other than those acquired by the bank, and to preserve freshwater wetlands and transition areas determined to be of critical importance in protecting freshwater wetlands. The council shall assist the department in preparing the portions of the report required pursuant to section 29 of this act which pertain to mitigation.

b. The council may contract with nonprofit organizations, the Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife in the department, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and other appropriate agencies to carry out its responsibilities, and may aggregate mitigation actions to achieve economies of scale. Any contract proposed by the council pursuant to this subsection shall be subject to review and approval by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

c. The council, in consultation with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, may transfer any funds or lands restricted by deed, easement or other appropriate means to mitigation and freshwater wetlands conservation purposes, to a state or federal conservation agency that consents to the transfer, to expand or provide for:

(1) Freshwater wetlands preserves;

(2) Transition areas around existing freshwater wetlands to preserve freshwater wetland quality;

(3) Future mitigation sites for freshwater wetlands enhancement, restoration, or other mitigation efforts; or

(4) Research to enhance the practice of mitigation.

L.1987,c.156,s.15; amended 1993,c.298,s.6.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016