New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:15a-44 - Responsibilities Of Licensee.

17:15A-44 Responsibilities of licensee.
15.A licensee shall:

a.Conspicuously display at each office, limited branch office or mobile office it operates the original license, certificate or branch authorization, as appropriate, issued by the commissioner.

b.Conspicuously display all signs and notifications which the commissioner may require.

c.Provide each customer, at the time of a transaction, with a record of each transaction as specified by regulation.

d.Produce a photographic record, on such equipment as the commissioner may prescribe, of all of the checks cashed at the place of business and maintain a true copy of each such record.

e.Endorse each check cashed with the actual name under which the licensee is doing business and legibly write or stamp the words "Licensed Casher of Checks" immediately after or below the licensee's name.

f.Conduct all check cashing business through a bank account or accounts which are used solely for that purpose, and which have been identified as such to the department.

g.Inform the department if any bank account number changes or if any bank account is closed.

h.Maintain adequate records of its check cashing business as prescribed by the commissioner by regulation.

i.Retain for five years essential records, and retain all other records for a shorter period as prescribed by the commissioner by regulation. Such records shall be separate from the records of other businesses in which the licensee may be engaged. Although separate records are required, it is not required that the licensee's check cashing business have a different legal identity from other businesses in which the licensee is engaged.

j.Suspend for at least six months the check cashing privileges of any customer who cashes, in any one calendar year, more than three checks which are returned by the payor bank because of insufficient funds, and notify the department in writing of the name of such customer and the action taken, except that for purposes of this subsection two or more checks of a single maker which are returned because of insufficient funds shall be counted as one check provided they were cashed the same day and deposited in the licensee's bank account on the same banking day.

k.Maintain at all times a capital or net worth of at least $50,000 for the operation of the licensee's check cashing business at each office, mobile office and automated check cashing machine location, and maintain at all times liquid assets of at least $50,000 for the operation of the licensee's check cashing business at each office, mobile office and automated check cashing machine location.

l. (1) Maintain on its premises, a record keeping system by which a licensee may track, and provide for inspection at the request of the commissioner, checks which the licensee cashed and which were made payable to a payee other than a natural person and checks which the licensee cashed in the amount of $2,500.00 or more.

(2)The record keeping system required pursuant to paragraph (1) of this subsection l. shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

(a)the date of the transaction;

(b)the name of the payee;

(c)the federal tax payer identification number of the payee;

(d)the face amount of the check;

(e)the date of the check;

(f)the name or names of those presenting the check for payment;

(g)the name of the financial institution on which the check is drawn and the financial institution's transit routing number;

(h)the amount of the fee charged; and

(i)a photograph, photostat, duplicate, microfilm, microfiche or any other reproduction of the front and back of the fully endorsed check.

(3)The record keeping system shall be made available to any State or federal law enforcement agency upon written request and without necessity of subpoena.

m.Retain for five years a complete copy of any report, including all such reports filed electronically, regarding business conducted in this State pursuant to 31 U.S.C.s.5311 et seq. and 31 C.F.R. Chapter X.

n.Supervise employees engaged in the operation of the check cashing business to ensure the business is conducted lawfully and pursuant to the provisions of this act and any order, rule or regulation made or issued pursuant to this act.

L.1993, c.383, s.15; amended 1999, c.352, s.7; 2003, c.252, s.5; 2015, c.233, s.3.

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