New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:15c-23 - Powers Of Commissioner.

17:15C-23 Powers of commissioner.

23. a. If it appears to the commissioner that any person has committed or is about to commit a violation of any provision of this act or of any rule or order of the commissioner, the commissioner may apply to the Superior Court for an order enjoining that person from violating or continuing to violate this act or any rule, regulation or order of the commissioner and for injunctive or other relief as the nature of the case may require.

b.The commissioner may enter into consent orders at any time with any person to resolve any matter arising under this act. A consent order shall be signed by the person to whom it is issued or a duly authorized representative, and shall indicate agreement to the terms contained therein. A consent order need not constitute an admission by any person that any provision of this act, or any rule, regulation or order promulgated or issued thereunder has been violated, nor need it constitute a finding by the commissioner that the person has violated any provision of this act or any rule, regulation or order promulgated or issued thereunder.

c.Notwithstanding the issuance of a consent order, the commissioner may seek civil or criminal penalties or compromise civil penalties concerning matters encompassed by the consent order, unless the consent order by its terms expressly precludes the commissioner from so doing.

d.The commissioner is authorized to exchange fingerprint data with and receive criminal history information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New Jersey Division of State Police or any other appropriate agency for use in performing background checks. The commissioner is authorized to conduct additional background checks the commissioner deems appropriate.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016