New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:16a-1 - Definitions

17:16A-1. Definitions
As used in this chapter

a. "Investment company" means any corporation, foreign or domestic, any partnership or any individual which engages principally in an investment business as defined in this section, but this chapter shall not be construed to affect any corporation, partnership or individual, other than an investment company, to which a certificate of authority to do business has been issued in accordance with, may be issued on compliance with, or the issue of which is prohibited by the provisions of any other chapter of this Title;

b. "Investment contract" means any agreement, certificate, instrument or other writing containing an undertaking by the company making, issuing or guaranteeing the same to pay the holder thereof, or his assignee, or his personal representative, a stated or determinable maturity value in cash or its equivalent on a fixed or determinable date, the consideration for which consists of the payment to the company of payments, deposits, dues, installments or a single sum, according to a plan fixed by the contract, regardless of whether the holder is entitled to share in the profits or earnings of the issuer;

c. "Investment business" means the business of making, issuing, or guaranteeing investment contracts, but does not include the business of any mortgage guaranty corporation, bank, trust company or other corporation of this State incorporated under any general or special law which makes insurance against, or guarantees against, loss by reason of nonpayment of principal or interest on bonds and mortgages, or any corporation authorized to do a life insurance business in this State.

L.1938, c. 322, p. 816, s. 1.

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