New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:16f-24 - Notification To Mortgagee Of Tax Delinquency

17:16F-24. Notification to mortgagee of tax delinquency
a. If a mortgagor's property taxes remain unpaid so as to subject the mortgagor's property to a tax sale pursuant to Article 4 of the "tax sale law" (R.S.54:5-19 et seq.), and if the property tax payments are to be made or are made by the mortgagee or a servicing organization which receives the original tax bill, the tax collector of the taxing district shall send a written notice by mail to the mortgagee or the servicing organization, of the tax delinquency status. This notice shall include the mortgagor's name, an identification of the property, the total amount of property taxes and interest due and an attachment which contains the provisions of section 12 of this act and an interpretive statement of that section provided by the commissioner.

b. A copy of the notice required by subsection a. of this section shall be mailed to the mortgagor at the same time it is mailed to the mortgagee or the servicing organization.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016