New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:45-11 - Expense Fund; Contracts For Payment Of Fees; Certain Contracts Prohibited; Investments

17:45-11. Expense fund; contracts for payment of fees; certain contracts prohibited; investments
Any such association may maintain expense funds or surplus funds out of which the expenses of the association shall be defrayed, but no assessment on the members for the purpose of providing expense moneys will be valid without having received the approval of the commissioner. No contract or agreement, written or implied, shall be made by any association whereby any person or organization shall receive any specified portion of the fees, dues, contributions or assessments collected from members, for management of the association or otherwise, except bona fide commissions to members for the procurement of new members, or for the collection of fees, dues or contributions from members and no contract of employment shall be made with any individual or firm for a period of more than one year nor except at a stated salary or fee, and any such contract made is void. All funds of such associations may be held in cash or may be invested only in accordance with the requirements of law for the investment of funds of life insurance companies, but the guarantee fund shall be invested only in accordance with the provisions of section 17:45-8 of this title.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016