New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:45-4 - Certificates; Limitations; Age Limits; Exceptions

17:45-4. Certificates; limitations; age limits; exceptions
Every mutual benefit association to which a certificate of authority has been issued under the provisions of this chapter shall issue to each of its members a certificate setting forth the benefits to which he is entitled by reason of his membership, except that if application is made by an adult for a family certificate providing for hospital expenses, the association may issue one benefit certificate to include the member, spouse and unmarried children under the age of eighteen years. Notwithstanding any provisions or limitations established by the act under which any such mutual benefit association has been incorporated, no such association shall contract with any member to pay a death benefit exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), nor shall such association undertake to provide sickness or accident disability benefits in excess of forty dollars ($40.00) weekly to any member except that where part or all of these disability benefits are for payment of hospital or medical expenses, or both, incurred by such member such association may undertake to provide sickness or accident disability benefits of not more than fifty dollars ($50.00) weekly to any member, nor shall such association provide for the payment of cash benefits to any member, or other person, except in the event of death or disability. Any certificate which provides disability benefits only for payment of hospital or medical expenses, or both, incurred by a member may also provide that the weekly benefit payable will be doubled for the first week of hospital confinement. Every such association shall be permitted to issue more than one certificate providing benefits at death of any member and more than one certificate providing for sickness and accident disability benefits; provided, that the aggregate amount of the benefits in said certificates does not exceed the limitations in this act. Certificates providing for sickness or accident disability benefits may provide for a special accidental death benefit not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). No persons under the age of sixteen years nor over the age of sixty-five years shall be admitted to membership, but a benefit certificate may be issued to any child on application of an adult member liable for such child's support and who shall exercise the privileges of membership of such child until he or she shall have attained age sixteen years after which such child shall exercise all privileges of membership, but the amounts of death benefits provided for shall not exceed the limitations now provided by law for insurance on the lives of children.

Amended by L.1950, c. 148, p. 305, s. 2.

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