New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:46b-54 - Forms Of Policies And Other Contracts Of Title Insurance

17:46B-54. Forms of policies and other contracts of title insurance
Every title insurance company shall file with the commissioner all forms of title policies and other contracts of title insurance before the same shall be issued. Any such filing may be made by a title insurance rating organization in behalf of all of its members or subscribers; provided, however, that members or subscribers of a rating organization may file specific deviations to forms of policies and other contracts of title insurance in the manner provided in section 46 of this act. In no event shall any title insurance company issue any such form of policy or contract until 30 days after it shall have been filed with the commissioner unless it shall have received earlier approval by the commissioner. Forms subject to filing hereunder shall include preliminary reports of title, binders for insurance and policies of insurance or guaranty, together with all the terms and conditions of insurance coverage or guaranty that relate to title to any interest in real property and which shall be offered by a title insurance company, but shall specifically exclude reinsurance contracts or agreements, all specific defects in title that may be ascertained from an examination of the risk and excepted in such reports, binders or policies, together with any affirmative assurances of the title insurance company with respect to such defects, and such further exception from coverage by reason of limitations upon the examination of the risk imposed by an applicant for insurance or through failure of an applicant for insurance to provide the data requisite to a judgment of insurability. Nothing herein contained shall authorize a title insurance company to delete or insure over an exception to or exclusion from coverage contained in forms of title policies or other approved contracts of title insurance filed hereunder except by endorsement specifically approved by the commissioner.

L.1975, c. 106, s. 53, eff. May 29, 1975.

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