New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:46b-60 - Other Sections Applicable

17:46B-60. Other sections applicable
59. Other sections applicable. In addition to the provisions of this act, only the following provisions of the laws governing insurance companies and insurance agents as presently enacted and hereinafter amended, except as they are inconsistent with the provisions of this act, shall apply to the business of title insurance to title insurance companies, which shall be considered as within the class of insurance companies regulated by such provisions solely for the limited purpose of being subject to such provisions:

P.L.1970, c.12 (C.17:1C-1 to 17:1C-18)

P.L.1948, c.266 (C.17:3A-1 to 17:3A-7)

R.S.17:17-1,17:17-4, 17:17-5, 17:17-8 and 17:17-10

P.L.1948, c.157 (C.17:17A-1 to 17:17A-4)

P.L.1965, c.57 (C.17:17B-1 to 17:17B-8)

R.S.17:18-1, 17:18-2, 17:18-4 and 17:18-10

R.S.17:19-1 to 17:19-7

R.S.17:20-4 and 17:20-5

P.L.1966, c.85 (C.17:20-6)

R.S.17:21-1 to 17:21-3

P.L.1960, c.32, ss. 3, 4, and 5 (C.17:22-6.37 to 17:22-6.39)

P.L.1993, c.237 (C.17:22C-1 et seq.)

P.L.1993, c.239 (C.17:22D-1 et seq.)

P.L.1993, c.244 (C.17:22E-1 et seq.)

R.S.17:23-2, 17:23-4 and 17:23-5

P.L.1958, c.15 (C.17:23-6, 17:23-7)

P.L.1993, c.236 (C.17:23-20 et seq.)

P.L.1993, c.238 (C. 17:23B-1 et seq.)

R.S.17:24-5, 17:24-12

P.L.1949, c.248 (C.17:24-13 to 17:24-16)


R.S.17:26-1 to 17:26-3

R.S.17:27-1 to 17:27-5

P.L.1970, c.22 (C.17:27A-1 et seq.)

P.L.1993, c.241, ss. 7, 8, 9 (C.17:27A-4.1 et al.)

R.S.17:32-1, 17:32-2, 17:32-4, 17:32-8 to 17:32-10

R.S.17:32-13 and 17:32-14

P.L.1950, c.231 (C.17:32-15)

P.L.1968, c.234, ss.1 to 5 (C.17:32-16 to 17:32-20).

P.L.1993, c.245 (C.17:51A-1 et seq.)

P.L.1993, c.243 (C.17:51B-1 et al.)

L.1975,c.106,s.59; amended 1993,c.241,s.11.

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