New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-24.1 - Definitions

17:9A-24.1. Definitions
As used in this act,

(a) "bank services" means services such as check and deposit sorting and posting, computation and posting of interest and other credits and charges, preparation and mailing of checks, statements, notices, and similar items, or any other clerical, bookkeeping, accounting, statistical, or similar functions;

(b) "bank service corporation" means a corporation which is organized under Title 14 of the Revised Statutes, Corporations, General, to perform bank services, and all of whose capital stock is owned by one or more banking institutions;

(c) "banking institution" means a bank and a savings bank organized under the laws of this State, and a national bank organized under the laws of the United States;

(d) "invest" means an advance of funds to a bank service corporation, whether by the subscription to or its purchase of stock, the making of a loan, or otherwise, except a payment for rent earned, goods sold and delivered, or services rendered prior to the making of such payment;

(e) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance of New Jersey.

L.1964, c. 160, s. 1.

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