New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-24.4 - Regulations By Commissioner; Powers

17:9A-24.4. Regulations by commissioner; powers
The commissioner shall have power to make, amend and repeal regulations governing the exercise of the powers conferred upon banks and savings banks by sections 2 and 3 of this act, but, in exercising such power to make such regulations, the commissioner shall endeavor to create and maintain to the extent feasible a substantial parity between banks and savings banks on the one hand and national banks on the other hand, in their dealings with and investments in bank service corporations and in their performing the services of bank service corporations, and to create and maintain a similar parity between bank service corporations as defined in this act and as defined in Federal law. To that end the commissioner shall have the power to (a) broaden the scope of the definition of "bank services" as expressed in section 1 of the act to include others than banking institutions as the recipients of services rendered by bank service corporations; (b) increase by not more than 50% the percentages specified in section 2 of this act; (c) prescribe the minimum number of banking institutions which must be investors in any one bank service corporation; (d) require that banks invest in or transact business with only those bank service corporations which submit to periodic examinations and to regulation by the Department of Banking and Insurance of New Jersey; (e) prescribe the extent to which bank service corporations may perform services for others than banking institutions and the extent to which banks or savings banks may perform for other banking institutions and others than banking institutions any service or services which may be rendered by bank service corporations; and (f) prevent banks and savings banks from investing in or maintaining their investments in, and prevent banks and savings banks from transacting business with, any bank service corporation which conducts its activities in such fashion as would tend to create monopoly or foster unfair competition.

L.1964, c. 160, s. 4.

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