New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-286 - Unclaimed Funds; Publication; Disposition

17:9A-286. Unclaimed funds; publication; disposition
A. Within nine months from the date of the order authorizing a final liquidating dividend, the commissioner shall cause a notice to be published in at least one newspaper selected as in section 280 provided, containing the names and last known addresses of those persons entitled to participate in the distribution of the proceeds of the bank's assets who have failed to take payment thereof. Such publication shall be made at least once a month for three successive months, and the cost thereof shall be charged ratably against the several sums so unclaimed.

B. At the expiration of the period of publication specified in subsection A of this section, the commissioner shall file a petition in the Superior Court for leave to pay into that court the funds which then remain unclaimed. The petition shall recite the name, the last known address, and the amount due to each depositor, other creditor or stockholder who has failed to take payment of the distributive share due him. The court, on proof that the publication required by subsection A of this section has been made, shall make an order upon such petition directing the commissioner to pay the funds into court, there to be held for the benefit of those entitled thereto. Upon payment of the funds into court, the commissioner shall be relieved of all duties and responsibilities in connection therewith.

C. The Superior Court may make an order pursuant to subsection B of this section, without the prior publication of the notice specified in subsection A, upon proof that the cost of such publication is disproportionate to the amount to be paid into court.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016