New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-290 - Demand By Commissioner For Removal Of Property And Contents Of Safe Deposit Boxes

17:9A-290. Demand by commissioner for removal of property and contents of safe deposit boxes
The commissioner may, after he has taken possession of the property and business of a bank, cause to be mailed to each person claiming to be, or appearing on the books of the bank to be,

(1) the owner of any package or other personal property in the custody or possession of the bank as custodian or as bailee or depositary for hire or otherwise, including the contents of any space, safe, vault or safe deposit box theretofore opened for nonpayment of rental, or

(2) the lessee of any space, safe, vault or safe deposit box, a notice in writing directed by registered mail to such person at his last address as it appears on the books of the bank, or at his last known address if no address appears on such books. The notice shall direct such person to remove all such property or the contents of any such space, safe, vault or safe deposit box, within a stated period, which shall be not less than sixty days from the date of such notice, and shall notify such person of the provisions of sections 290 to 298. The custodian agreement, or the contract of bailment or of deposit for hire, or the lease of any space, safe, vault or safe deposit box between the person to whom such notice is mailed and the bank shall cease upon the date for removal fixed in such notice. If any charge for acting as custodian, bailee or depositary, or if any rent for any such space, vault, safe, or safe deposit box has been paid to a date subsequent to the removal of such property or of the contents of such space, vault, safe, or safe deposit box, the charge or rent so paid shall be apportioned as of the date of such removal, and so much thereof as shall be allocable to the unexpired term of such letting shall be a debt of the bank, payable in the same manner as other unsecured and unpreferred debts, but no proof of claim shall be required to be filed in connection therewith.

L.1948, c. 67, p. 390,s.290.

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