New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-79 - Annual Meetings; Notice

17:9A-79. Annual meetings; notice
79. Annual meetings; notice.

A. The annual meeting of the stockholders of every bank shall be held on such day in January, February, March or April in each year as the bylaws shall provide; or, if there be no governing bylaw, then on the fourth Tuesday in March; or, in the case of a savings bank operating on a fiscal-year basis, the annual meeting shall be held no later than 120 days after the closing of the fiscal year. The commissioner may require that prior notice be given to him of a change in the date of an annual meeting, and may prescribe the form of such notice and the time when such notice shall be given.

B. Not less than 10 days prior to the date fixed for such meeting, notice of the annual meeting shall be published once in a newspaper published and circulated in the municipality in which the bank maintains its principal office, or, if there be no such newspaper, then in one published in the county in which the bank maintains its principal office or in an adjoining county, and which has general circulation in the municipality in which the bank maintains its principal office. In addition, notice of such meeting shall be given as provided in section 81. At such annual meeting, directors shall be elected and such other business may be transacted as may properly be brought before a meeting of stockholders, except that no business other than the election of directors shall be transacted at such meeting unless notice of such other business shall have been given in the manner provided by section 81. Notice of such other business need not be included in the publication of notice required by this section.

L.1948,c.67,s.79; amended 1949,c.229,s.2; 1950,c.46; 1964,c.236; 1965,c.204,s.1; 1986,c.186,s.2; 1992,c.187,s.5.

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