New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-84 - List Of Stockholders

17:9A-84. List of stockholders
A. The officer having charge of the stock transfer books for shares of stock of a bank shall make, or cause to be made, and certify a complete list of the stockholders entitled to vote at a stockholder's meeting or any adjournment thereof. Such list shall

(1) Be arranged alphabetically, within each class and series, with the address of, and the number of shares held by, each stockholder;

(2) Be produced at the time and place of the meeting;

(3) Be subject to the inspection of any stockholder during the whole time of the meeting; and

(4) Be prima facie evidence as to who are the stockholders entitled to examine such list or to vote at any meeting.

B. If the requirements of this section have not been complied with, the meeting shall, on demand of any stockholder in person or by proxy, be adjourned until the requirements are complied with. Failure to comply with the requirements of this section shall not affect the validity of any action taken at such meeting prior to the making of any such demand.

L.1948, c. 67, p. 257, s. 84. Amended by L.1953, c. 17, p. 165, s. 19; L.1965 c. 171, s. 10; L.1970, c. 165, s. 5.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016