New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:13-50 - Transfers; Funds; Personal Property, Books, Etc., Obligations Of Indebtedness.

18A:13-50 Transfers; funds; personal property, books, etc., obligations of indebtedness.

18A:13-50. Upon the dissolution of any local district the officer having custody of the funds of such district shall deliver all of the funds of the dissolved district in his possession to the secretary of the successor regional district who shall give his receipt therefor and shall, in a district which has a treasurer of school moneys, immediately turn the same over to the treasurer of school moneys of the regional district.

All personal property, books, papers, vouchers and other documents belonging to any district, being dissolved, shall be transferred to the secretary of said regional district who shall cause a complete inventory to be made on all assets, real and personal, received by the regional school district. Upon and after the date of dissolution of the district all proceeds of taxes of any nature raised or to be levied for use or benefit of each dissolving school district and rights and claims with respect thereto, and all the property, funds, moneys and assets of each dissolving district shall vest in the regional district and the regional district shall be subject to all the contracts, debts and other obligations of each dissolving district. Upon said date all bonds and notes, of each dissolving district, theretofore issued and outstanding and all bonds and notes theretofore issued and outstanding of any municipality constituting or comprised within any dissolving district which were issued for the purpose of acquiring property which is vesting on said date in the regional district shall be and shall constitute obligations of and payable as to both principal and interest by the regional district, and, unless otherwise required or provided for by law, in the same manner and to the same extent as if such bonds and notes had been issued by the board of the regional district. The regional board shall cause an audit and settlement of all accounts of officers of the former district or districts to be made forthwith. The official bonds of such officers shall be continued in full force and effect until the completion of such audit and satisfactory financial settlement of said accounts shall have been made.

amended 1971, c.377; 2010, c.39, s.8.

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