New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:13-52 - Report; Feasibility Study.

18A:13-52 Report; feasibility study.

2.The executive county superintendent shall, within 60 days after such request, file with the governing bodies of the municipalities constituting the regional district and the boards of education of all of the constituent school districts and the board of education of the regional school district a report containing a statement of the current assets and operating expenses of the regional district for the then current year and such financial, educational and other information as he may deem necessary to enable said governing bodies and local boards of education and regional board of education to form an intelligent judgment as to the advisability of the proposed withdrawal or dissolution and the effect thereof upon the educational and financial condition of the withdrawing district and the regional district, or upon each of the constituent districts in the event of a dissolution and setting forth the amount of indebtedness, if any, to be assumed by the withdrawing and the regional districts, or by each constituent district in the event of a dissolution, calculated as hereinafter provided. The report, in discussing the educational and financial effect of the withdrawal or dissolution, shall include the effect thereof upon the administrative and operational efficiencies, and the resultant cost savings or cost increases, in the withdrawing and the regional districts, or by each constituent district in the event of a dissolution.

The executive county superintendent may require the constituent municipalities and school districts and the regional district to submit a feasibility study in order to determine the educational and financial impact of the withdrawal from, or dissolution of, the limited purpose regional district. In the event the executive county superintendent requests a feasibility study to be conducted, the executive county superintendent's report required pursuant to this section shall be filed within 60 days following submission of the feasibility study.

L.1975, c.360, s.2; amended 1977, c.279, s.1; 1993, c.255, s.2; 2007, c.63, s.52.

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