New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:35-18 - Programs In Bilingual Education; Establishment; Number Of Pupils; Waiver

18A:35-18. Programs in bilingual education; establishment; number of pupils; waiver
4. a. When, at the beginning of any school year, there are within the schools of the district 20 or more pupils of limited English-speaking ability in any one language classification, the board of education shall establish, for each such classification, a program in bilingual education for all the pupils therein; provided, however, that a board of education may establish a program in bilingual education for any language classification with less than 20 children therein.

b. The Commissioner of Education may waive the requirement that a board of education establish a full time bilingual education program when the board is able to demonstrate that due to the age range, grade span or geographic location of the eligible pupils it would be impractical to provide a full time bilingual education program. The waiver shall permit the district to implement a special alternative instructional program for as long as the conditions exist that justified the waiver.

L.1974,c.197,s.4; amended 1995,c.59.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016