New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:35-20 - Participation In Courses In Which Verbalization Unessential To Understanding Of Subject Matter; Location Of And Children In Bilingual Programs

18A:35-20. Participation in courses in which verbalization unessential to understanding of subject matter; location of and children in bilingual programs
In those courses or subjects in which verbalization is not essential to an understanding of the subject matter, including but not limited to art, music, and physical education, pupils of limited English-speaking ability shall participate fully with English-speaking pupils in the regular classes provided for such subjects. Each board shall insure to each pupil enrolled in a program in bilingual education a practical and meaningful opportunity to participate fully in all programs and activities available in the school district. Programs in bilingual education shall be located in the regular public schools of the district rather than in separate facilities. Bilingual education programs may include children of English-speaking ability.

L.1974, c. 197, s. 6, eff. Jan. 8, 1975.

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