New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:6-14 - Suspension Upon Certification Of Charge; Compensation; Reinstatement.

18A:6-14 Suspension upon certification of charge; compensation; reinstatement.

18A:6-14. Upon certification of any charge to the commissioner, the board may suspend the person against whom such charge is made, with or without pay, but, if the determination of the charge by the arbitrator is not made within 120 calendar days after certification of the charges, excluding all delays which are granted at the request of such person, then the full salary (except for said 120 days) of such person shall be paid beginning on the one hundred twenty-first day until such determination is made. Should the charge be dismissed at any stage of the process, the person shall be reinstated immediately with full pay from the first day of such suspension. Should the charge be dismissed at any stage of the process and the suspension be continued during an appeal therefrom, then the full pay or salary of such person shall continue until the determination of the appeal. However, the board of education shall deduct from said full pay or salary any sums received by such employee or officers by way of pay or salary from any substituted employment assumed during such period of suspension. Should the charge be sustained on the original hearing or an appeal therefrom, and should such person appeal from the same, then the suspension may be continued unless and until such determination is reversed, in which event he shall be reinstated immediately with full pay as of the time of such suspension.

amended 1971, c.435, s.2; 2012, c.26, s.7.

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