New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:6-17.2 - Considerations For Arbitrator In Rendering Decision.

18A:6-17.2 Considerations for arbitrator in rendering decision.

23. a. In the event that the matter before the arbitrator pursuant to section 22 of this act is employee inefficiency pursuant to section 25 of this act, in rendering a decision the arbitrator shall only consider whether or not:

(1)the employee's evaluation failed to adhere substantially to the evaluation process, including, but not limited to providing a corrective action plan;

(2)there is a mistake of fact in the evaluation;

(3)the charges would not have been brought but for considerations of political affiliation, nepotism, union activity, discrimination as prohibited by State or federal law, or other conduct prohibited by State or federal law; or

(4)the district's actions were arbitrary and capricious.

b.In the event that the employee is able to demonstrate that any of the provisions of paragraphs (1) through (4) of subsection a. of this section are applicable, the arbitrator shall then determine if that fact materially affected the outcome of the evaluation. If the arbitrator determines that it did not materially affect the outcome of the evaluation, the arbitrator shall render a decision in favor of the board and the employee shall be dismissed.

c.The evaluator's determination as to the quality of an employee's classroom performance shall not be subject to an arbitrator's review.

d.The board of education shall have the ultimate burden of demonstrating to the arbitrator that the statutory criteria for tenure charges have been met.

e.The hearing shall be held before the arbitrator within 45 days of the assignment of the arbitrator to the case. The arbitrator shall render a written decision within 45 days of the start of the hearing.

L.2012, c.26, s.23.

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