New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:66-35 - Loans, Interest Rates, Administrative Fees.

18A:66-35 Loans, interest rates, administrative fees.

18A:66-35. Any member who has at least 3 years of service to his credit for which he has contributed as a member may borrow from the retirement system, an amount equal to not more than 50% of the amount of his accumulated deductions, but not less than $50.00; provided, that the amount so borrowed, together with interest thereon, can be repaid by additional deductions from compensation, not in excess of 25% of the member's compensation, made at the same time compensation is paid to the member. The amount so borrowed, together with interest on any unpaid balance thereof, shall be repaid to the retirement system in equal installments by deduction from the compensation of the member at the time the compensation is paid or in such lump sum amount to repay the balance of the loan but such installment shall be at least equal to the member's rate of contribution to the retirement system and at least sufficient to repay the amount borrowed with interest thereon. Not more than two loans may be granted to any member in any calendar year. Notwithstanding any other law affecting the salary or compensation of any person or persons to whom this article applies or shall apply, the additional deductions required to repay the loan shall be made.

The rate of interest for a loan requested by a member prior to the effective date of P.L.2007, c.92 (C.43:15C-1 et al.) shall be 4% per annum on any unpaid balance thereof. For a loan requested after the effective date of that act, the rate of interest per annum shall be a commercially reasonable rate as required by the Internal Revenue Code to be determined by the State Treasurer on that effective date, and on January 1 of each calendar year thereafter. An administrative fee in an amount set by the State Treasurer for each calendar year may be charged for any loan requested after the effective date of P.L.2007, c.92 (C.43:15C-1 et al.). Loans shall be made to a member from his accumulated deductions. The interest earned on such loans shall be treated in the same manner as interest earned from investments of the retirement system.

Amended 1968, c.228, s.4; 1971, c.121, s.18; 1981, c.212, s.1; 2007, c.92, s.32.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016