New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:7b-5 - Rules, Regulations To Ensure Thorough And Efficient Education For Children In State Facilities.

18A:7B-5 Rules, regulations to ensure thorough and efficient education for children in State facilities.

9.The Commissioner of Education, with the approval of the State Board of Education, shall promulgate rules and regulations to ensure a thorough and efficient education, consistent with the provisions of P.L.2007, c.260 (C.18A:7F-43 et al.), for the children in State facilities. In the case of county juvenile detention centers, the Office of Education in the Juvenile Justice Commission shall develop, in consultation with the commissioner, appropriate standards, to be effective for Fiscal Year 1999, for the provision of a thorough and efficient education by the county for facilities established under chapter 10 and chapter 11 of Title 9 of the Revised Statutes.

The commissioner shall continually review the operation of educational programs in State facilities. If he finds that the operation of any of these programs does not meet the educational standard required by the regulations, he shall direct that a remedial plan be prepared by the education director of the facility in which the program is located, together with the director of educational services of the department which is operating or contracting with the facility. The plan shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Education for his approval. If he approves the plan, it shall be implemented in a timely and effective manner. If he finds the plan or its implementation to be insufficient, he may, until the insufficiency is corrected, withhold and place in a special account any State aid funds which otherwise would have been forwarded pursuant to section 6 of P.L.1979, c.207.

L.1979, c.207, s.9; amended 1996, c.138, s.42; 2007, c.260, s.26.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016