New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:7c-11 - Status Report

18A:7C-11. Status report
a. Not later than September 1, 1990 the Joint Committee on the Public Schools shall evaluate and report to the Legislature on the status of proficiency testing in the public schools of New Jersey. Among other topics the report shall specifically address: (1) how New Jersey's testing program compares to that in other states, (2) the advisability of requiring State administered tests in elementary grades, and (3) whether any changes in the statutes providing for the State graduation proficiency test are appropriate. The committee's analysis shall include an evaluation of all provisions of this amendatory and supplementary act and any recommendations for additional legislation. The joint committee shall use the funds appropriated or otherwise made available, in addition to all other resources to which the committee may have access, to secure the expertise necessary to conduct this evaluation and shall report its findings to the Governor and Legislature.

b. Beginning in 1991, the Joint Committee on the Public Schools shall undertake an annual evaluation of the report submitted to the Legislature by the Commissioner of Education pursuant to section 7 of this amendatory and supplementary act.

L. 1988, c. 168, s. 8.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016