New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:7c-14 - Purposes Of The State Seal Of Biliteracy.

18A:7C-14 Purposes of the State Seal of Biliteracy.
2.The State Seal of Biliteracy is established to recognize high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in one or more foreign languages in addition to English. The State Seal of Biliteracy shall be awarded by the local board of education to graduating high school seniors who meet the criteria established by the State Board of Education pursuant to subsection a. of section 3 of this act. School district participation in this program is voluntary.

The purposes of the State Seal of Biliteracy are as follows:

a.To encourage students to study languages;
b.To certify attainment of biliteracy;
c.To provide employers with a method of identifying people with language and biliteracy skills;
d.To provide universities with a method to recognize and award academic credit to applicants seeking admission;
e.To prepare students with 21st century skills;
f.To recognize and promote foreign language instruction in public schools; and
g.To strengthen intergroup relationships, affirm the value of diversity, and honor the multiple cultures and languages of a community.

L.2015, c.303, s.2.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016