New Jersey Revised Statutes § 20:3-19 - Right To Possession And Vesting Of Title

20:3-19. Right to possession and vesting of title
A copy of the declaration of taking and notice of the filing thereof and of the making of the aforesaid deposit, shall be served upon the condemnee and all occupants of the property in accordance with the rules, and proof of such service shall be filed in the action. Thereupon, the right to the immediate and exclusive possession and title to the property described in the declaration of taking shall vest in the condemnor, free and discharged of all right, title, interest and liens of all condemnees without the necessity of further process provided however, that the court may, upon application and good cause shown, stay the taking of possession of the land or other property, or authorize possession to be taken upon prescribed conditions. A property owner who refuses to vacate said property or yield possession and remains in possession more than 20 days after service of notice shall be deemed a trespasser and shall be then liable for rents, issues and profits 20 days after service. The court, upon notice and after determining that the property owner has had adequate opportunity to obtain any funds payable to him under sections 23 and 26 of this act and any other expenses to which he may be entitled to as a matter of law, shall enter an order for possession directed to the sheriff of the county in which the property is located. If the owner or tenant occupies the property with the condemnor's permission on a rental basis for a short term or for a period subject to termination on short notice, the amount of rent required shall not exceed the fair rental value of the property to a short term occupier. Such right, title and interest shall be transferred and shall attach to the compensation determined to be payable hereunder, to the same extent and in the same order of priority as existed at the date of vesting of title in condemnor. The pendency of an appeal from an award or judgment hereunder shall not interfere with such vesting of title.

L.1971, c. 361, s. 19.

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