New Jersey Revised Statutes § 23:3-51.4 - Extension Of Time To Renew Menhaden Landing License, Menhaden Personal Use And Limited Sale License.

23:3-51.4 Extension of time to renew Menhaden Landing License, Menhaden Personal Use and Limited Sale License.

6. a. A licensee who is eligible for renewal of their Menhaden Landing License or Menhaden Personal Use and Limited Sale License may request an extension of time to renew their license in accordance with this section.

b.A licensee seeking a license renewal extension shall submit a written application therefor to the commissioner, on a form developed by the commissioner. The application shall include, at a minimum:

(1)the name of the licensee and licensed vessel, if any;

(2)the licensee's Menhaden Landing License or Menhaden Personal Use and Limited Sale License number, as applicable;

(3)a detailed explanation as to why the extension is needed, including a statement specifying the type and degree of hardship that prevented the timely renewal of the license, and the hardship that will result to the licensee if the license is not renewed; and

(4)any other appropriate documentation as may be necessary to support the application.

c.An application for license renewal extension shall be approved if the commissioner determines that:

(1)by reason of extraordinary hardship or exceptional situation or condition, the licensee was precluded from complying with the renewal requirements;

(2)strict compliance with the renewal requirements provided by law would result in exceptional and undue hardship to the licensee;

(3)the circumstances supporting the conclusions made in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection were not created by the licensee or persons under the licensee's control; and

(4)approval of the extension will not unreasonably interfere with the orderly administration of the directed bait or whole frozen human food fishery for menhaden.

d.Within 30 days after receipt of an application for license renewal extension, the commissioner shall approve or deny the application, and shall provide written notice of this determination to the licensee. A licensee whose application for extension is denied may appeal the decision in accordance with the procedure for contested cases under the "Administrative Procedure Act," P.L.1968, c.410 (C.52:14B-1 et seq.).

L.2013, c.74, s.6; amended 2014, c.57, s.4.

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