New Jersey Revised Statutes § 23:3-63 - Fishing Preserve License.

23:3-63 Fishing preserve license.

2. (a) The division may, in its discretion, after application on forms furnished by it, issue to an owner of such fishing preserve waters a fishing preserve license permitting the holder thereof to manage such fishing preserve waters and to possess, propagate and rear, and to take or permit others to take therefrom, fish therein legally propagated or acquired. Such license shall expire on December 31 in the year it was issued unless previously revoked. A separate license is required for each body of water defined herein as fishing preserve waters. Two or more ponds under one ownership, supplied by one common water source and located on one continuous parcel of land, shall be considered as one body of water requiring one license.

(b)The license so issued shall: contain the name of the town and county in which such fishing preserve waters are located; specify the species of fish authorized to be stocked therein; authorize the licensee to stock, propagate, raise and release such fish in such licensed fishing preserve waters and to buy, sell or otherwise traffic in fish taken therefrom; specify the manner of tagging fish taken from the licensed waters; specify the means of acquisition of fish stocked therein.

(c)The license may also: authorize the licensee to control undesirable protected fish, wildlife and insects and specify means of control of same; specify such other restrictions and controls for the management of fishing preserve waters as in the judgment of the division may be deemed advisable for proper fish management.

(d)The fee for the license shall be $228.00 per year, or as adjusted by the Fish and Game Council pursuant to section 12 of P.L.1982, c.180 (C.23:3-1a), payable at the time application is made.

(e)The division may for cause, revoke or suspend the license of any licensee.

L.1970,c.247,s.2; amended 1982, c.180, s.9; 1999, c.282, s.22.

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