New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:14-20 - Acquisition Of Land; Condemnation; Abandonment

27:14-20. Acquisition of land; condemnation; abandonment
When the board of chosen freeholders shall deem it necessary and advisable to acquire land for the purpose of laying out, widening, changing the location of or straightening any road improved or to be improved under this article, all cost and expense of obtaining and acquiring such land by whatsoever method the same may be acquired may be paid out of any moneys applicable for road improvement purposes, or, if there be no money on hand for such purpose, the board may borrow the necessary money on temporary loans, upon the credit of the county, until the next annual taxes shall be levied and collected, or such sum as may be necessary may be raised by an issue of bonds, either separately or in connection with and as part of any other bond issue under the provisions of this article.

The board may agree with the owner of any land required for the foregoing purposes, as to the compensation to be paid by it for a conveyance of the land, but if no agreement can be reached the board may acquire the land by condemnation, in the manner prescribed by law.

The board may vacate any part of a public highway that may be rendered unnecessary for public travel by the widening, straightening, altering or changing of the location thereof.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016