New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:14-21 - Certain Roads Chargeable To County; Sidewalks And Drains; Maintenance

27:14-21. Certain roads chargeable to county; sidewalks and drains; maintenance
After the approval by the commissioner of a contract under this article for the improvement of a road, the road shall thereafter be a county road.

Any road improved under the provisions of any previous act entitled "An act to provide for the permanent improvement of public roads in this state" and any road accepted by the board of chosen freeholders under the provisions of an act entitled "An act to enable boards of chosen freeholders to accept as county roads, roads or sections of roads, in townships, which have been or shall hereafter be permanently improved without state or county aid," approved March twenty-eighth, one thousand nine hundred and four (L.1904, c. 114, p. 240), or an act entitled "An act to authorize the board of chosen freeholders of any county in this state to acquire, improve and maintain roads lying within the corporate limits of any town, borough, township or village," approved April eighth, one thousand nine hundred and ten (L.1910, c. 121, p. 202), shall be county roads and the duty of keeping them in repair shall devolve exclusively upon the board of chosen freeholders and the county road supervisor, hereinafter provided for, and all other powers and duties respecting such roads shall be imposed upon and vested in the board of chosen freeholders to the exclusion of all municipal officers.

No power conferred on any of said governing bodies shall in any way divest the board of chosen freeholders of its right to construct across or under the sidewalks the necessary culverts or other provisions for the maintenance of such county roads.

If any such road shall become out of repair, and shall not be repaired within sixty days after notice in writing so to do, given by the commissioner to the board of chosen freeholders, or to its director, the commissioner shall certify such neglect or refusal to the state comptroller, who shall withhold payment to the county of any moneys already apportioned, or that may thereafter be apportioned, to the county by the state, and no payment shall be made to the county until the commissioner shall certify to the state comptroller that the road has been placed in a good state of repair.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016