New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:16-55 - Right Of Way Commission; Appointment; Term; Compensation; Removal; Oath; Assistance

27:16-55. Right of way commission; appointment; term; compensation; removal; oath; assistance
The board of chosen freeholders may appoint three discreet and impartial freeholders, residents of the county, to examine and make awards for real estate to be taken for road or highway purposes. The commission shall be known as the " county highway right-of-way commission." Each member shall serve for one year or until his successor is appointed and has qualified, and shall receive such compensation, either upon per diem, annual or other basis, as the board of chosen freeholders shall provide.

The board of chosen freeholders may remove any commissioner for inefficiency, neglect of duty or misconduct in office, having first given him a copy of the charges against him and an opportunity of being publicly heard in person or by counsel, upon not less than ten days' notice in writing, and a statement of the findings of the board of chosen freeholders and the reasons for its action shall be filed with the clerk of the board.

Each commissioner shall take and subscribe an oath that he will faithfully and impartially perform his duties, which oath shall be filed in the office of the county clerk.

The board of chosen freeholders may provide the engineering, clerical or other assistance it may deem necessary, and the cost of the assistance and other necessary expenses, including the compensation of the commissioners, shall be paid by the county in the same manner as other compensation and expenses are paid. The commission shall have power, with the approval of the board of chosen freeholders, to engage the services of an attorney when needed, upon per diem or other basis, to be paid in the same manner as other compensation is paid by the county, and the provisions of Title 11, Civil Service, of the Revised Statutes shall not apply to any such appointment.

Amended by L.1952, c. 262, p. 891, s. 1.

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