New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:16-56 - Condemnation; Resolution And Map; Removal Of Buildings

27:16-56. Condemnation; resolution and map; removal of buildings
When an improvement resolution shall require the taking of real estate or any right or interest therein, for any of the purposes provided in this chapter, the resolution for that purpose, when introduced, shall state the location and character of the improvement proposed to be made, the real estate to be taken therefore, sufficiently described so as to be readily identified, and the resolution shall be accompanied by a map prepared under the direction of the board of chosen freeholders, showing in detail the location and dimensions of the real estate proposed to be taken.

If a building is located wholly or partly upon the real estate to be taken for highway purposes, the map shall show the location of the building, together with any building or buildings upon the remaining adjoining real estate of the same owner, sufficiently to enable the commission to determine whether it is practicable to remove the building back from the line of the real estate to be taken and upon the remaining adjacent land of the owner, but such representation of the building by the map shall not be taken as evidence of intention to acquire title to the building with the real estate, and the resolution requiring the taking of real estate may request the commission, if after notice and hearing as hereinafter provided it shall determine that it is practicable and to the interest of the county and just to the owner, that the title to the building shall not pass to the county with the real estate, but shall remain in the owner with the right of removal, that the commission shall determine the amount of damages payable to the owner by reason of the taking of the title to the real estate and the removal and restoration, as far as practicable, of such buildings as hereinbefore provided, and considering any other items of damage in determining the difference in market values of the entire property of the owner before and after such taking, removal and restoration.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016