New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:19-26 - County Bridge Commission; General Powers;

27:19-26. County bridge commission; general powers; "bridge" defined
Every county through its board of chosen freeholders may, if it determines so to do, create a bridge commission. Each bridge commission so created shall have power from time to time and be authorized to:

a. Prepare the necessary and proper plans and specifications for the construction, acquisition, improvement or replacement of such bridge or bridges as may be approved by said board of chosen freeholders;

b. Select the location for same, determine the size, type and method of construction thereof;

c. Plan and fix their boundaries and approaches;

d. Make any necessary estimates of the probable costs of construction, acquisition or improvement thereof including the said approaches and the acquisition of the land and rights for the sites of the abutments and approaches to the bridge or bridges;

e. Enter into the necessary contracts to construct, acquire, improve, equip or demolish such bridge or bridges and approaches thereto, or any part thereof;

f. Build or acquire the superstructures and substructures and all parts thereof;

g. Obtain and exercise such consents or approvals as may be necessary from officials or agencies of the government of the United States or the State of New Jersey;

h. Borrow money and incur indebtedness, and issue its negotiable bonds or notes for any of the purposes provided for in this article and for the purpose of funding or refunding its bonds, notes or other indebtedness, and provide for the rights and security of the holders of such bonds, notes or other indebtedness;

i. Maintain, improve, reconstruct, manage, control and operate such bridge or bridges and approaches, and with the consent of said board of chosen freeholders, by resolution, but subject to and in compliance with every contract or agreement of the commission, demolish or dispose of any such bridges other than a bridge or bridges extending within the limits of any other State; and

j. Acquire, hold and dispose of any and all property, real or personal, make, and carry out and perform any and all contracts and agreements, execute any and all instruments, and do and perform any and all acts and things, necessary or convenient in the exercise of the powers expressly given in this article or in the performance of the duties required in or undertaken pursuant to this article.

As used in this article, the term "bridge" shall mean and include a bridge, trestle, viaduct, tunnel, cut or any other structure or device for the passage of persons or vehicles over, under or around an obstacle, and the term "approach" shall mean and include an approach to a bridge of a commission or any road or highway connecting therewith or contributing vehicular traffic thereto or connecting 2 or more such bridges.

Amended by L.1946, c. 318, p. 1031, s. 1; L.1963, c. 101, s. 1.

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