New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:19-28 - Power To Acquire Or Construct Approaches And Bridges

27:19-28. Power to acquire or construct approaches and bridges
The commission may acquire or construct approaches to any such bridge, and may acquire or construct any such bridge or bridges over any channel or channels, thoroughfare or thoroughfares, small streams, creeks or rivers, or bodies of water, within the limits of the county or counties for which such commission is created and also within the limits of any other contiguous county which may, by resolution of its board of chosen freeholders, consent thereto. When any such commission shall have adopted a resolution authorizing the construction or acquisition of a bridge over, under or around any obstacle other than a bridge extending within the limits of any other State, neither the State or any agency or subdivision thereof nor any other person, partnership or corporation shall thereafter construct or acquire any bridge over, under or around such obstacle unless, (1) such bridge and every part thereof is not less than ten miles distant from every part of the bridge so authorized by such commission, or (2) such commission shall, by resolution adopted subject to and in compliance with every contract or agreement of the commission, undertake or permit and consent to the construction or acquisition of such bridge.

Amended by L.1946, c. 318, p. 1033, s. 3; L.1948, c. 288, p. 1198, s. 2; L.1963, c. 101, s. 2.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016