New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:19-7 - Commission To Settle Disputes; Appointment, Powers, Duties And Compensation

27:19-7. Commission to settle disputes; appointment, powers, duties and compensation
Whenever it shall have been determined that the public convenience requires that a viaduct or bridge be constructed at the joint expense of adjoining counties, or that a viaduct or bridge being maintained at such joint expense should be repaired or rebuilt, and the boards of chosen freeholders of such counties shall be unable to agree as to the location or character of the new viaduct or bridge, or as to the materials of which it shall be constructed, or as to whether a viaduct or bridge already erected and out of repair shall be repaired or rebuilt, or if said boards shall be unable to agree in any respect as to the manner or method of repairing or rebuilding any such viaduct or bridge, either of the boards may apply to a judge of the Superior Court, who shall appoint three commissioners who shall meet forthwith and summarily inquire into the matters in dispute. To that end the commissioners may employ one or more civil engineers and other persons.

If in the judgment of the commissioners it shall be determined that the public convenience requires that the viaduct or bridge be constructed or repaired or rebuilt, they, or a majority of them, shall make and sign a report, under their hands, determining the matters in dispute, and cause a duplicate original of the report to be filed with the clerk of each of the boards.

The commission may have plans, drawings, surveys and specifications prepared, advertise for and receive bids for the doing of the work, and award a contract or contracts for the work, and may supervise the doing of the work. The advertising and awards shall be made in accordance with the provisions of chapter twenty-five of the Title Municipalities and Counties (s. 40:25-1 et seq.). Any expense incurred by the commissioners, including the cost of construction, repair or rebuilding, shall, upon certification by them, be paid by the county treasurers of each of the counties in the same proportion as similar expenses relating to the viaduct or bridge.

The commissioners shall serve as such and render their services without compensation and shall be known as "joint bridge commissioners for counties."

Amended by L.1953, c. 27, p. 496, s. 24.

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