New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:19-9 - Closing Unsafe Bridges; Repair; Freeholders Notified

27:19-9. Closing unsafe bridges; repair; freeholders notified
If any viaduct or bridge in any municipality, or between any two municipalities in the same county, or any viaduct or bridge over any ravine, marsh, river or stream dividing any counties in whole or in part, connecting two municipalities, shall at any time become or be rendered dangerous or unsafe for public travel, the governing body of either or both of the municipalities shall close such viaduct or bridge and its approaches until repaired or rendered safe for public travel.

Any such governing body or bodies may repair such viaduct or bridge, or cause it to be repaired provided the cost thereof shall not exceed one hundred dollars, and after the repairs shall have been completed the cost thereof shall be paid by the county treasurer, after claim therefor shall have been filed with the clerk of the board of chosen freeholders.

Upon the closing of any such viaduct or bridge the clerk or clerks of the municipality or municipalities closing it shall immediately notify the board or boards of chosen freeholders.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016