New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:1b-21.15 - Findings, Declarations Regarding The State's Transportation System

27:1B-21.15. Findings, declarations regarding the State's transportation system
2.The Legislature hereby finds and declares that:

a.A balanced and improved transit and goods movement and highway system is of key importance to our State's continued prosperity and to the quality of life of our citizens.

b.The State's citizens and businesses require a transportation system which provides adequate mobility to all of its citizens utilizing all modes.

c.The State should consider and utilize, where appropriate, transportation approaches and concepts to reduce congestion, enhance mobility, discourage sprawl, and assist in the redevelopment of our cities, enhance suburbs and town centers, and otherwise improve the quality of life of our citizens.

d.Stable and adequate dedicated funding is a prerequisite to the sensible planning of transportation projects, most of which are conceived, planned, designed and built over a span of several years.

e.Additional investment is needed to bring the public highway and bridge system into a state of good repair, to reduce the backlog of infrastructure repair jobs, to maximize rail freight capacity, to promote bicycle and pedestrian safety, and to promote cycling and walking trips by providing and financing appropriate infrastructure.

f.Ferries and ferry facilities, including those providing interstate service to points in New Jersey, are an increasingly important component of the State's intermodal transportation system and should be eligible for transportation assistance from the State.

g.The system of financing under the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority has provided a stable source of funds to keep our transportation system in good repair and to provide funding for important new projects which have enhanced that system.

h.The renewal and improvement of the system of financing under the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority and a significant increase in the funding of that system are necessary to achieve the aforementioned goals and can be achieved without the necessity of increasing taxes.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016