New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:1b-21.5 - Duties Of Commissioner, Loans, Conditions; Reports

27:1B-21.5. Duties of commissioner, loans, conditions; reports

12. a. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law to the contrary, the commissioner is authorized to enter into agreements with public or private entities or consortia thereof for the loan of federal funds appropriated to the department for the purpose of financing all, or a portion of, the costs incurred for the planning, acquisition, engineering, construction, reconstruction, repair and rehabilitation of a transportation project by that public or private entity or consortia thereof.

b. The commissioner, with the approval of the State Treasurer, shall establish rules and regulations governing the qualifications of the applicants, the application procedures, the criteria for awarding loans, and the standards for establishing the amount, terms and conditions of each loan. The rules and regulations shall provide that the term of the loan agreement shall be consistent with terms and conditions as provided by applicable federal law.

c. Loans granted pursuant to this section shall be considered an investment or reinvestment of Special Transportation Fund funds within the meaning of subsection a. of section 21 of P.L.1984, c.73 (C.27:1B-21). Payments of interest and principal on loans granted pursuant to this section shall be credited to a special subaccount of the Special Transportation Fund and may be used for financing authorized projects. Monies appropriated from the special subaccount pursuant to this section shall be in addition to the total State amount authorized to be appropriated in a fiscal year pursuant to section 8 of P.L.1987, c.460 (C.27:1B-21.1).

d. Each loan made pursuant to this section shall require the specific approval of the Joint Budget Oversight Committee, except for those loans agreed to by the commissioner as part of an agreement for a demonstration project approved pursuant to P.L.1997, c.136 (C.27:1D-1 et al.). The Chairman of the Joint Budget Oversight Committee may request periodic reports from the commissioner on the status of any or all loans. The commissioner shall provide reports so requested on a timely basis.

e. Transportation projects which are the subject of a loan agreement entered into pursuant to this section shall be included in the annual report of proposed projects prepared pursuant to section 22 of P.L.1984, c.73 (C.27:1B-22) for the fiscal year in which the loan amount for those projects is to be appropriated.

L.1995,c.108,s.12; amended 1997,c.136,s.13.

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