New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:1b-23 - Contracts By Treasurer, Commissioner And Authority.

27:1B-23 Contracts by treasurer, commissioner and authority.

23.In order to implement the arrangement provided for in the act, the treasurer, the commissioner and the authority are hereby authorized to enter into one or more contracts. The contracts shall commence with the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1984, and provide for the credit to the "Transportation Trust Fund Account" in the amounts provided for in section 20 of the act and for the payment to the authority of the amounts credited to the "Transportation Trust Fund Account" in accordance with the provisions of section 20 of the act. The contracts shall also provide for the payment by the authority of the amounts provided for in section 21 of the act and for expenditures from the "Special Transportation Fund," as provided in section 21 of the act. The contract or contracts shall be on terms and conditions as determined by the parties and may contain terms and conditions necessary and desirable to secure the bonds, notes and other obligations of the authority, provided, however, that the incurrence of any obligation by the State under the contract or contracts, including any payments to be made thereunder from the "Transportation Trust Fund Account" or the "Special Transportation Fund," shall be subject to and dependent upon appropriations being made from time to time by the Legislature for the purposes of the act. Any contract providing for the payment of transportation program bonds and any agreements securing such transportation program bonds shall provide that such payment shall be made solely from revenues dedicated pursuant to the New Jersey Constitution, including Article VIII, Section II, paragraph 4, and deposited into the "Transportation Trust Fund Account - Subaccount for Debt Service for Transportation Program Bonds."

L.1984, c.73, s.23; amended 2012, c.13, s.8.

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