New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:23-41 - Findings, Declarations Relative To Transfer Of Functions Of New Jersey Highway Authority To New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

27:23-41 Findings, declarations relative to transfer of functions of New Jersey Highway Authority to New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

1.The Legislature finds and declares:

a.Increasing traffic and related congestion are impairing the quality of life and economy of the State. In order to deal with the problems of increasing traffic and congestion, it is necessary to provide for a more coordinated and rational organization of the State's two major toll roads by abolishing the New Jersey Highway Authority and providing for the acquisition by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority of the Garden State Parkway and all other projects of the New Jersey Highway Authority.

b.The abolishment of the New Jersey Highway Authority and the transfer of its functions to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority will permit improved transportation planning, facilitate more efficient operations, improve the capital budget process and achieve administrative economies.

c.Joining the two highways under one umbrella will maintain the historic integrity and separate identities of each roadway while bringing to each economies of scale and financial savings in operations, purchasing, maintenance and administration. These economies and the ability to pool capital resources will create a safer, less congested, better maintained and improved road network. Doing so is vital to fostering a strong State economy and achieving the high quality of life we derive from it.

d.The abolishment and transfer will also permit implementation of effective remedies to address the financial, operational and administrative problems that have hitherto plagued the E-ZPass system. This enactment will stem the brewing E-ZPass crisis threatening the very success of the E-ZPass system now enjoyed by nearly 60% of the drivers on the two roadways for its convenience and easing of congestion by permitting a repayment of over $300 million in E-ZPass debt and cost overruns without a toll increase.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016