New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:25a-24 -

27:25A-24. "Atlantic City International Airport" project established
24. a. There is established a transportation project, which shall consist of an airport and related facilities and activities. The airport, which shall be known as the "Atlantic City International Airport," shall consist of such lands and improvements as the authority may acquire in Egg Harbor, Hamilton and Galloway townships, county of Atlantic, including but not limited to the lands and improvements to be acquired from the city of Atlantic City and lands and improvements which may be acquired from the Federal Aviation Administration. The airport shall include but not be limited to any area, place, building, structure, equipment, material, supplies, or real property designed to provide or be used in, or necessarily related to, the provision of air passenger or freight service and the stations, shelters and terminals, heliports, gates, terminal aprons, runways, taxiways, air rights, baggage facilities, parking facilities, ramps, track connections, signal systems, power systems, public highways, noise abatement projects, information and communication systems, transit lines and rights-of-way, equipment storage and servicing facilities, aircraft, maintenance and garage facilities, revenue handling equipment and any other building, structure, equipment, materials, supplies or real property employed or used in, or necessarily related to, the provision of these services.

b. The authority may enter into contracts, leases, or agreements with any agency or instrumentality of the federal government, a bi-state agency, the State or any subdivision thereof or a county or municipal government, including but not limited to the United States Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration, concerning the acquisition, construction, maintenance, operation, or support of this project.

c. The authority may enter into agreements with surrounding municipalities for reimbursement to these municipalities for costs incurred as a result of services provided by these municipalities to the Atlantic City International Airport.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016