New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:7-94 - Revocation Of Permit; Alternative Access

27:7-94. Revocation of permit; alternative access
a. The commissioner may, upon written notice and hearing, revoke an access permit after determining that alternative access is available which meets the standards provided in subsection c. of this section for the property served by the access permit and that the revocation would be consistent with the purposes of this amendatory and supplementary act.

b. The commissioner shall provide to the affected property owner and lessee or lessees, at least 90 days prior to the hearing, a plan depicting how such alternative access shall be obtained after revocation of the current permit, and the improvements which will be provided by the department to secure the alternative means of access. A copy of the plan shall also be filed with the municipal clerk and the planning board secretary of the municipality.

c. For the purposes of this section, alternative access shall be assumed to exist if the property owner enjoys reasonable access to the general system of streets and highways in the State and in addition, in the case of the following classes of property, the applicable following condition is met:

(1) For property zoned or used for commercial purposes, access onto any parallel or perpendicular street, highway, easement, service road or common driveway, which is of sufficient design to support commercial traffic to the business or use, and is so situated that motorists will have a convenient, direct, and well-marked means of both reaching the business or use and returning to the highway. For the purposes of this subsection, "property used for commercial purposes" shall include, but not be limited to, property used for wholesale facilities, retail facilities, service establishments or office or research buildings, and property used for residential purposes consisting of developments in excess of four residential units per acre with a total acreage of 25 or more acres.

(2) For property zoned or used for industrial purposes, access onto any improved public street, highway or access road or an easement across an industrial access road, provided that the street, highway or access road is of sufficient design to support necessary truck and employee access as required by the industry.

(3) For property zoned or used for residential or agricultural purposes, except as provided in paragraph (1) of this subsection, access onto any improved public street or highway.

If a property is used for a purpose other than that for which it is zoned, the property shall be classified in accordance with the higher use.

If the use or zoning of a property changes, the owner may apply for a new access permit pursuant to section 4 of this amendatory and supplementary act, which permit may not be unreasonably withheld.

d. When the commissioner revokes an access permit pursuant to this section, the commissioner shall be responsible for providing all necessary assistance to the property owner in establishing the alternative access, which shall include the funding of any such improvements by the department. Until the alternative access is completed and available for use, the permit shall not be revoked. The commissioner shall also erect on the State highway and on connecting local highways suitable signs directing motorists to the new access location. The commissioner may enter into agreements with property owners for phased development and provisions of this subsection shall not supersede any such agreements.

As provided in this subsection, necessary assistance shall include but not be limited to the costs and expenses of relocation and removal associated with engineering, installation of access drives in a new location or locations, removal of old drives, on-site circulation improvements to accommodate changes in access drives, landscaping, replacement of directional and identifying signs and the cost of any lands, or any rights or interests in lands, and any other right required to accomplish the relocation or removal.

L. 1989, c. 32, s. 6.

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