New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:7a-3 - Necessary Property

27:7A-3. Necessary property
a. Property needed for any limited access highway is declared to be all those lands or interests therein required for the traveled way together with those lands or interests therein necessary or desirable for service, maintenance and protection of the present and future use of the highway, including those lands or interests therein necessary or desirable in connection with grade separations, connecting roadways at an intersection with another main highway, land between roadways, occasional parking areas, treatment of borders and landscape areas, recreational facilities, parallel service roads and railroad crossing eliminations or relocations, and for those areas referred to in section 8 of this act.

b. Except as provided in subsection c. of this section, the commissioner, with respect to limited access highways under his jurisdiction, and the governing body of a county, with respect to limited access highways under its jurisdiction, shall permit access only from infrequently spaced intersections with public streets and highways. Intersections shall be especially designed to minimize interference with through traffic and shall be located in a manner which facilitates regional access to the highway.

c. The commissioner, or the governing body of the county, as appropriate, may allow construction or continuation of driveway access to a remote or isolated facility owned or operated by a governmental agency or authority or by a public utility or to an agricultural building or land, if the commissioner or governing body determines that the use of the driveway would be infrequent and would not pose a hazard or inconvenience to the public and that the creation or continuation of the driveway would not be in conflict with the purposes of P.L. 1989, c. 32 (C. 27:7-89 et seq.). No driveway access shall be provided to a facility which consists of an establishment providing employment to more than five persons.

L. 1945, c. 83, s. 3; amended 1948,c.461,s.3, 1989, c. 32, s. 16.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016