New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:9-9 - Agreement Between County And State; Use Of Proceeds; Reimbursement

27:9-9. Agreement between county and state; use of proceeds; reimbursement
No bonds shall be issued by a county under sections 27:9-8 to 27:9-12 of this title unless and until the board of chosen freeholders thereof shall have previously entered into an agreement on behalf of the county with the state highway commissioner whereby the commissioner shall have agreed to reimburse, and to repay to the county a sum equal to the principal and interest of the bonds, which sum shall be paid in installments to be fixed in the agreement, and whereby the board of chosen freeholders shall have agreed to pay to the commissioner the sum or sums raised by the issuance of those bonds, after deducting the expense of issuance.

Any sum so paid to the commissioner pursuant to any such agreement shall be expended solely for the purpose of improving, bettering, reconstructing or resurfacing portions of the state highway system located within the county, as provided in the agreement.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016