New Jersey Revised Statutes § 28:2-11 - Powers Of Trustees; Property Of Association Exempt From Taxes

28:2-11. Powers of trustees; property of association exempt from taxes
The board of trustees may:

a. Purchase, hold and convey real estate in the name of the association;

b. Receive donations of land, money, books, relics and other articles of value or of interest, and execute receipts or other proper vouchers therefor;

c. Appoint persons with police powers to be exercised within the limits of the property of the association;

d. Prevent the erection of any nuisance adjoining their property;

e. Purchase or otherwise acquire books, relics and other articles of value or of interest;

f. Grant, assign, transfer and convey, with or without valuable consideration, to the United States of America, or the State of New Jersey, or to any agency or department of either thereof existing for the purpose of the maintenance and preservation of articles and property of historical interest, or to any other responsible and established association, corporation or society existing for such purpose, such of its property, real and personal, as the board of trustees may deem proper and suitable for the accomplishment of the purposes of the association.

The property of the association represented by the board of trustees shall at all times during the continuance of this association be exempt from all taxes and assessments whatever.

Amended by L.1946, c. 127, p. 606, s. 2.

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