New Jersey Revised Statutes § 28:2-17 - Land And Monument Acquired By Board Of Trustees; Gifts; Deeds; Relics; Preservation And Improvement Of Land And Monument

28:2-17. Land and monument acquired by board of trustees; gifts; deeds; relics; preservation and improvement of land and monument
The board of trustees mentioned in section 28:2-15 of this title shall have power to acquire, maintain and make available for use as a public memorial the monument, together with the land held in trust on July fourth, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-four, by Minnie M. Hoffmann, of the city of Elizabeth, in the county of Union and state of New Jersey, and Eleanor J. Shopp, of the township of Hillside, in the county of Union and state of New Jersey, which land is situate in the township of Manchester, county of Ocean and state of New Jersey, whereon is erected a monument or memorial to commemorate the services rendered by veterans of the state of New Jersey in wars or conflicts wherein the United States of America has been an active participant, which land and monument or memorial were held in trust as aforesaid for the purpose of conveying and passing title thereto to the state of New Jersey; and for this purpose shall have power to take in fee or otherwise by gift such land or lands and monument, and any rights, interests and easement therein. The association shall also have the power to accept by gift all personal property now held in trust by Minnie M. Hoffmann and Eleanor J. Shopp for such memorial purposes. Deeds of conveyance for such lands shall be made to the board of trustees by its corporate name, and it shall be the duty of the board of trustees to preserve, care for, lay out and improve the memorial or monument and lands, and to make rules for the use and government of the same.

The board of trustees shall have power to acquire and hold historic relics and other personal property benefiting the purposes of the association, and also to receive by gift or devise any money or endowment, the purpose of which is to help support the memorial.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016